Icefaces rocks in JSF & the AJAX world.

I have been using Icefaces since 1.6.1 came into release. and have been really impressed the way it has helped us in speeding up our development process.

In my last project when playing a project lead, i was asked to choose some sleek User Iterface and as a result i looked at some of the libraries including Tomahawk and Richfaces. At the same time i just heard about another opensource JSF framework, "Icefaces" which now has taken over these in terms of look and feel, ease to build and what more.

The different custom components in the icefaces library which we used and really made our User Interface rich were panel popups, connection status being a very small component it makes your UI so much user interactive.

Not to mention the extension of Datatable with the datapaginator which makes the paginated table displays so neat and quick. We also did extended the JSF datamodel and made the datatable pagination on the database side for some of the datatables in the application. but it was quick, integrating all this with datapaginator provided by Icefaces. Sorting the tables and giving options to user to select how many rows he wants on one page was all developed.

Making interactive graphs and charts was again one of the cool enhancement provided by Icefaces by extended jCharts. Customizing the charts and generating them on the fly was so easy and quick. It definitely saved us lot of time.

I did use the Autocomplete component of Icefaces which was good and quick, but had to customize to my needs.

Overall my experience with Icefaces has been rocking and would definitely would use


June 5, 2009 at 6:04 AM gauti said...

Hello there,

Have you tried the latest one 1.8 ? Was just curious to know how you looked under the hood of your icefaces app and see what was happening ?
Were you able to catch hold of all the cycles ?


June 5, 2009 at 10:16 AM Rahul Juneja said...

I did not try capturing all the events with the latest release of 1.8 but did all that with Icefaces 1.7 as we had created some PhaseListeners in past.

Do you face any issues tracking it with 1.8 ?


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