Is SOA the future or just the hype

SOA(Service Oriented Architecture) has been around for a while now, but is it worth the hype around it? SOA is the real buzzword in the technology space.

BPEL, ESB, DSP are some of the various buzzwords around the SOA space.

Applying the SOA paradigm to a real-time system throws up many
problems, which include response time, support of event-driven,
asynchronous parallel applications, complicated human interface
support, reliability, etc.

SOA can be implemented with various technologies but webservices is always the most preferred choice for integrating. People have been using webservices for long time, but integrating the services or better say orchestrating (in SOA terminology) was always a challenge. In past integration of most of the systems was done with Adapters and other business integration tools like WBI(Websphere Business Integration) where BPEL(Business Process Execution Language) came in a savior.

One Question which always runs through my mind while working on any SOA infrastructure is, Is it going to be worth the expenditure and again funding. Who is going to fund between different departments as it is more of a enterprise wide re-engineering.

And last but not the least, acquisitions of companies like BEA is making more proprietary.

The answers to these questions can only be guessed or answered by the future.


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