The Technical face of M & A (Mergers and Acquisitions)

As any new technology comes into existence with some objectives for business. so SOA is not an exception and it helps in aligning business and IT together.

In present scenarios where every other day one or the other business is involved in M & A. Integrating the technology platforms of different companies comes as a big challenge to the IT department of the company. SOA along with BPEL is one solution to overcome this technical challenge.

The process-oriented approach to SOA requires a language for relatively simple
description of how web services should be composed into business processes.
Of course it would be great if such descriptions could also be executed, which
would allow us not only to define abstract process definitions, but to write
exact executable specifications of processes. BPEL is such a language. Actually
it is the first language which:

Allows us to define abstract and executable processes
  1. Is supported by the majority of big shops.
  2. Software exists (from several vendors) on which such
    processes can be executed (BPEL servers) and developed (BPEL designers).
BPEL has been in existence since 2003, but recently it started gaining momentum because of Big acquisitions and mergers. It covers the very important paradigm called orchestration. There is another one called Choreography which is covered by other
standards, such as WSCI (Web Services choreography Interface) and WS-CDL
(Web Services Choreography Description Language). Choreography has not gained
support from the industry which would be comparable to BPEL.

The major players for BPEL has been IBM, Oracle BPEL engine and not to forget its jdeveloper support in designing the BPEL model, its fantastic. There are other open source namely ActiveBPEL which are widely adopted by the community.

BEA and JBOSS also have been actively promoting it but they support BPM(Business Process Management) as a whole, and BEA again is no more the independent entity so as Oracle now they support BPEL engine separately as well.

Who are the leaders is still undecided ? but BPEL emerged as a smart solution to the companies in mergers and acquisitions.


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