World of Cloud Computing

Large number of options available in Cloud computing including Amazon EC2, Stax, Google App Engine did encourage me to get into this wide and fast growing world of Cloud computing.

Since last some days i have just been exploring this amazing and recently growing world of cloud computing. I did try developing couple of small apps with Stax, Google App Engine and i was surprised the way these folks have opened a new world of options for small organizations or individual developers who wants to use the large infrastructure and don't want to invest huge amount of money in the beginning.

After this recent release of Google app engine supporting Java, its not leaving anybody unaware about this new arena, which can help anybody and everybody from a small software garage shop or large companies.

I was surprise to see what all can you do with huge infrastructure backing you and you pay only what you use with no strings attached.

Amazon Simple Queue Service (Amazon SQS) was one of the most interesting platform I encountered which is highly scalable, hosted queue for storing messages as they travel between your business networks. But one thing i was wondering about was the security. How secure are they ? They definitely comment being very secure but what's the guarantee that these messages are not intercepted by the hosting provider.

But definitely these options help new developers to develop some applications which they can expand in future.

Good luck to all this cloud computing and hope this lands up in strong cloud in future.


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